Frequently asked questions of maid2order cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions of maid2order Cleaning

Frequently asked questions of maid2order cleaningBelow you'll find some of the most frequently asked question you ask us, and of course our answers. If you still can't find an answer to your questions below then please feel free to contact us on the the phone numbers above or by using our contact us form. We're always happy to help!

When can I have my house cleaned?

Our domestic cleaners usually work between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, however if you require a cleaner outside these normal hours let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

When can I have my office cleaned?

Our commercial cleaners are available during normal working hours as well as early morning, evening and occasionally weekends.

Tell me about my cleaner?

We have a wide range of carefully selected and vetted cleaners trained to our high standards. When you decide to engage our services, we'll introduce you to your cleaner to ensure you're comfortable with your new cleaner.

Do your cleaners wear a uniform?

Yes, we provide all our cleaners with lovely fuchsia (blue for the guys) polo shirts and navy blue tabard, both embroidered with our maid2order logo.

Will I always have the same team?

We always try to keep your cleaning team the same each week, however from time to time we may need to change your cleaner to cover for sickness and holidays.

Do I need to be there when you clean?

No you don't need be there when we clean, as we hold full key holders liability insurance.

What will happen to my keys?

Your keys are held in a locked cabinet in our office and we code your keys so that no personal details are present on your keys.

Are you insured?

Yes, we hold full public liability, key holders and employers' liability insurance. This means you can relax in the knowledge that when accidents happen we've got it covered.

How much does it cost?

Our services are tailored to your requirement and therefore vary considerable depending on your personal specifications. Rather than produce a long list of approximate prices, we prefer to price on a job by job basis. We'll usually do an onsite visit and once we have all the details we need, we'll provide you with a comprehensive and accurate quote.

How can I pay?

We accept bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied with any part of your clean we will return to the property to re-clean the area within 48 hours free of charge (see our terms and conditions for full details).

What quality control is there?

All our cleaners are trained to a high level and highly motivate to provide you with an excellent service. We use team leaders to monitor the work done by your cleaner. A manager also carries out thorough spot checks to ensure a consistent level of service. We also obtain regular feedback from you so that we can quickly act to rectify any issues you may have.

Do I need to supply any cleaning products or equipment?

For all regular cleans, we only ask that you provide your cleaner with a good quality vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket, all other cleaning equipment and chemicals will be provided by us. If you are not able to provide a good quality vacuum cleaner or a mop and bucket, we will supply one.

What equipment do you use?

We understand that in order to provide a professional service our equipment needs to be of the high standard, therefore we only use quality professional cleaning equipment along with branded chemicals to ensure that your clean is as effective as possible.

Do you offer a 'green' service?

We do stock a selection of environmentally friendly chemicals that we can use to provide a 'green' service should you require this. Please just ask us for more details it you are interested in our 'green' service.

Do I need to do anything before the cleaner arrives?

We just ask that you take some time to secure or remove any fragile, delicate, breakable or valuable items, including cash, jewellery, works of art, antiques, or items of sentimental value prior to the start of your clean.

What will you clean in my home?

The simple answer is whatever you would like us to clean. We provide you with a tailored checklist that our cleaner work from, and on which you can indicate what you would like us to include in your clean.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Not usually, as we just ask you to accept our terms and conditions, which we'll email to you along with your quote, and which you can find on our website. For some commercial cleans, and for some discounts and special offers, you may need to sign up to a contract.

What if something gets broken when my home is being cleaned?

Accidents do happen and to give you peace of mind our cleaners are fully insured to cover accidental damage to your property. In the rare instances where damage does occur we'll always discuss the most appropriate course of action with you, which might include replacement or financial compensation.

What if I have pets?

That's usually no problem at all as we are happy to clean your home if you have pets and many of our cleaner are either pet owner or pet lovers. We'll make sure you're assigned a "pet friendly" cleaner and ensure that some time is given during the first visit to get your pet to feel comfortable with your cleaner.

Can I change the time and/or day of cleaning?

Yes you can change the time and/or day of your cleaning, however we do request that you provide 24 hours notice for all domestic cleans and 48 hours for all commercial cleans. If you give less than the above notice charges may apply.

How much notice do you require if I want to terminate your services permanently?

We require 7 days advance notice for all domestic cleans and 14 days advanced notice for all commercial cleans. If you give less than the above notice charges may apply.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Bath area up to approximately a 10 mile radius outside of Bath. We usually charge a fuel surcharge the further you are away from Bath, however if we have cleaners in your area we will often waive this fuel surcharge. Please contact us to check if we service your area.

Can you show references from other customers?

Yes we have a page on our website with some customer testimonials and we also keep more on record in our office. We are always happy to supply customer references upon request and can, where appropriate, put you in touch with current customers.

Can you remove all stains from carpet?

We can remove most carpet stains. Some stains may be permanent where the fibres of the carpet have been damage (this can be due to chemical spills, bleaching of the fibres or where the carpet has been burnt or otherwise damaged), and therefore will not be removable. Our experienced carpet technician will be happy to assess your carpets and give you an indication of whether or not they can be cleaned. We charge a minimum of 50 on any call out.

Do you move the furniture when cleaning carpets?

We ask that you move a much of the light or easily moveable furniture before our technician arrives and we will move the rest. Please ensure that you remove and correctly store any valuable or fragile ornament before we start your clean to avoid unwanted breakages.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

We use hot water extraction to clean your carpets, which means your carpets will be wet during the cleaning process. We use good quality carpet cleaning machines and this means that your carpets will normally be dry to walk on within approximately 2 hours. The exact time can vary due to the length and density of the carpet pile and the available ventilation.

What happens to my personal details?

Where we record your details on paper, these are kept long enough for us to transfer them to our online management system, after with the paper copy is shredded. All other information is stored on our secure online management system.

What should I do about my alarm system on home cleaning day?

You can either give us instructions on how to deactivate and reactivate your alarm system or choose to disable your system on the day of your clean; whichever is more convenient for you.